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Incorporate Tile Mosaics Into Your Pool Design

Your Pool Design

Are you working on your pool design? One of the hottest pool trends for Florida pool owners is the use of tile mosaics. More and more pool owners have incorporated tile mosaics into their pool design. If you’re looking to install or remodel your pool, you should consider tile mosaics when coming up with your new plan. Doing so could go a long way toward enhancing your pool’s appearance. Below, you’ll find ways in which you could potentially incorporate tile mosaics into your pool design.

Accents On The Rim Of The Pool

One of the simplest ways to incorporate mosaic tiles into your pool design is as accent pieces on the rim of the pool. For example, you can consider using tiles in the area between the water’s surface and the top of your pool wall. This area is likely no more than a couple of inches big. Incorporating tiles into this area is a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your pool.

A Durable Floor

Another way you could consider using glass mosaics is as a floor for your pool. Using tile mosaics could be more beneficial than vinyl because tiles are more durable. Vinyl can tear easily and may not be a good choice for those with children who will use the pool for physical activities, or those with pets. Concrete surfaces may be too rough on the feet. Smooth tile mosaics are the perfect middle ground between the two. Additionally, mosaic tiles could sparkle in the water, creating a pool bottom that is bold and aesthetically-pleasing.

Natural Water Features

Because most pool mosaic tiles are blue or green, it’s easy to create a natural-looking water design. The tiles could help add flavor and substance to the water in your pool. If you’re interested in doing this, consider using flowing, abstract patterns. Doing so could allow you to enhance the features of your pool and create a tranquil oasis.

Abstract Walls

Not all tiling has to be in the pool. If you’re adding an outdoor kitchen or grotto to your pool, consider incorporating an abstract feature wall in your pool design for a fresh perspective.

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