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Working With Your Swimming Pool Contractor

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During the pool construction process, an open line of communication with your contractor is essential. Pool contractors are not mind-readers! Unless you convey your thoughts to them, your swimming pool contractor will have no way of knowing exactly what you want out of the project.

Describing Your Project

It’s important to take your time during the design stage of your project. Once your swimming pool contractor breaks ground, it may be difficult to make big changes to your project. You should be completely satisfied with your pool’s design before giving the final go-ahead to your contractor.

You should have an idea about what you’re looking for in the project and have details in mind. Where would you like the pool to go? What design features are you interested in? What color would you like the pool’s interior to be? What material will the pool deck be? When describing your project, it’s better to be specific than vague.

In fact, one of the best ways to help you work with your pool contractor is by providing drawings. It’s often easier to put your thoughts onto paper rather than trying to describe them. Drawings can often give a clearer vision for your project.

We at Olympus Pools use advanced software to help you visualize your pool and its layout and how it will correspond to your backyard. Feel free to run any questions by us at any time!

Be Honest About Your Budget

One of the questions that your pool contractor will surely ask about is your budget. You need to have a realistic idea of what your budget is before the project begins. If you misrepresent your budget, you’re only setting the project up for failure. Lying about your budget could cause the contractor to leave your project before it is complete, which is something neither party wants.

It’s better for you to be honest about your financial situation upfront so that your contractor can come up with a design that is certain to work. If you happen to come into some money during the project, you can always add a design like a waterfall or a fountain. But overestimating your budget and then not being able to pay your contractor will not be pleasant for anyone. It’s better to be honest about your budget earlier rather than later.

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