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Wireless Swimming Pool Automation

People have been figuring out how to remotely control houses for years now.  These days you can do things like operate your thermostat from work, access your home computer remotely, and possibly even mess with your lights so that you don’t need to set an automatic lighting system up while you’re on vacation.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the same technology is making it easier to maintain and use your pool. Here’s a look at swimming pool automation using wireless devices:

Wireless Monitoring

With the right setup in your pool’s pump and filtration system, you can remotely monitor things like the water level and the condition of the filter.  Additional sensors can also monitor the pool’s pH level, chlorine, cyanuric acid, and more, performing your weekly chemical tests on a 24/7 basis and beaming the results straight to your computer or smartphone.  Some sensors will even ship in the chemicals you need so you won’t even need to make a run to the supply store.

Wireless Cleaners

An even bigger pain than chemical monitoring would have to be cleaning the pool:  skimming the surface for fallen leaves and debris every week and then scrubbing the sides and the bottom to make sure nothing’s growing on them.  However, many companies are now making automatic pool cleaners that can do all that for you while operating on water pressure or else by remote.  And with the right program, you can set it up to run once or more each week whether you remember to check it or not.

Wireless Covers

Some pool covers are easier to move than others, and some will even move for you.  And if your automatic pool cover comes with a wireless connection, you’ll be able to open it before you even get there, saving time no matter how long it takes to operate.

Wireless Lighting

It may not be so impressive to operate a light switch remotely, but you could also install an LED or a fiber optic lighting system which can change colors and perform entire light shows.  And not only are these light shows programmable, but with the right systems you can design these programs from just about anywhere on your smartphone.

Modern technology is amazing, and it’s making it easier to own and maintain a pool every year.  And thanks to the way the world is going wireless, it’s getting to the point where all you’ll have to do with your pool is jump in when the water’s fine.

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