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Why You Want a Pool Builder Who Focuses on One Pool at a Time

Who Focuses on One Pool at a Time

Here in Tampa, there are a lot of different pool builders to choose from, since the business is a very popular one. As a result, it can be tough to figure out who will spend the time to make sure that your pool is exactly the way you envisioned it. Each builder offers something that sets them apart from the rest, but you really want to choose a company, like Olympus Pools, who only builds one pool for one customer at a time. This may seem counterproductive, because it means there is a wait before construction can begin. In the long run, however, it is the best choice for you and your new pool.

The reason we choose to give all of our attention to one customer is because we believe that by devoting our time to each person individually, we can create a better experience and product. We focus on your project all the way through to completion, with practically nothing to distract our staff from the task at hand. Our designers take the time to sit down and help you put together the ultimate backyard using our cutting edge 3D software, rather than rushing through the customization or only offering template pools. As a result, the customer service is better, the pool is fully customized, and everyone leaves the process satisfied and confident.

Since we only work on one construction at a time, we are able to handle all of the paperwork and inspections on our own in a much more suitable fashion than if there were three other families ahead of you. With other builders who take on many projects at once, you can expect longer building times, longer waits for permits, and possibly even lazy service. By taking on more than one client, other pool builders stretch their resources and their people too thin to offer quality, personalized time to each customer. Even though it may seem as though the wait will be longer when you work with a builder who only constructs one pool at a time, you’re saving yourself considerable frustration.

At Olympus Pools, our designers and builders have years of experience and a passion for providing our customers with the best products and the best service possible. Contact us today for a free estimate and the pool experience of a lifetime.

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