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Why you should invest in LED lights for your swimming pool

One of the most important visual areas of your swimming pool is the light system you choose to have installed. While most pool builders have traditionally used white incandescent light and halogen light bulbs throughout the years, LED color changing lights are becoming one of the most popular choices today – and for good reason! So make sure you discuss this with your pool builder before you start your pool project.

LED color changing lights provide a wide range of benefits for your swimming pool while saving you money! No wonder it’s such an appealing option! Some of the benefits of LED color changing lights include:

Impressive Lifespan

While most incandescent light bulbs last for an average of 5,000 hours, LED lights are designed to last much longer. In fact, they’ve been proven to last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours! This saves you the headache of replacing the lights in the pool frequently and keeps more of your hard-earned money in your wallet!

Unmatched Visual Splendor

With LED color changing lights, you can adjust the lighting in your pool for any mood or event. Numerous lighting options create a rich ambiance that beautifully lights up your pool. Furthermore, superior reflectors designed into the LED changing lights ensure that the entire pool is well-lit, allowing for safe swimming in the evening hours!

Energy Efficiency

In addition to all the visual and practical benefits that LED lights provide for your pool, they’re also very energy efficient. Traditional bulbs waste up to 80 percent of their energy creating heat instead of light. The design of the LED lighting is focused on using energy efficiently while creating brighter lights. This is why LED lights aren’t as hot to the touch as traditional incandescent lights. LED lighting technology uses approximately 86 percent less energy, yet produces more light for your swimming pool, and saves you money at the same time.


With many available color options, you get full control of your pool’s ambiance. Brilliant colors that light your pool create an unmatched visual appeal that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

The variety, brightness  and eco-friendliness of LED changing color lights make these a great investment for your swimming pool. The quality is unmatched and the end result is a swimming pool that is brighter, and visually more appealing.

At Olympus Pools, one of Tampa’s Top Pool Builders, we use LED lighting technology for all our projects so you never have to worry about the old-style incandescent or halogen lights.

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