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Why Summer Pool Installations are Usually Best

Many homeowners don’t call on pool builders during summer, figuring construction companies will be booked and it’ll be too late to install the pool for this swimming season. While summer is indeed a busy time for pool contractors, you should not hesitate to have your pool installed during the summer months. We’ve highlighted a few key reasons you should take advantage of summer pool installations.

More Contractor Options

It’s true that most pool contractors get booked quickly once summer arrives. However, summer is also the time when pool contractors anticipate the most work. If one company is booked for several weeks, it’ll be easier to find another with open spots. If you prefer sticking with one trusted pool company, remember that contractors may be more open to negotiations in summer. Most companies offer discounts and sales, so talk to staff about getting reduced pricing for your project.

Weather Issues

Perhaps the biggest reason homeowners build pools is to cool off when it’s hot. If you live in a state known for high temperatures, late spring and summer are optimum times to get your pool built. Workers are likely to come during early morning before the day’s heat hits and get more work done faster. Once the pool is completed, you can open it immediately rather than sitting through fall and winter waiting for next year’s swimming season. Remember that pool installations can take several weeks, so plan ahead as much as possible. Check weather projections, and try to book an installation time that’s warm, but not too hot.

More Design Options

As mentioned, pool companies offer many discounts and sales during summer. Additionally, they showcase some of their best designs. If you have a good eye for decorating or simply appreciate a unique pool, summer is the perfect time to book an installation. New designs will be on the market, and companies will be eager to help you choose an eye-catching one. Remember, popular designs sell out quickly. Snag an early to midsummer installation time to get the best designs.

Better Buys on Pool Supplies

Owning a pool is a big commitment. You’ll need specific chemicals and filters to keep it clean, and you’ll want to invest in fun pool supplies such as lights, toys, games, and perhaps a water slide. These items are often marked down during summer or come in special package deals. Take advantage of them during early and midsummer so you can set up and clean your pool thoroughly and still have plenty of time to enjoy it.

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