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When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool in Florida?

when is the best time to build a swimming pool

Florida is well-known for its heat, so it is common for homeowners to want swimming pools. However, many who think they may want a new pool are unsure of the best time to buy a pool and get the project underway.

If you’re interested in building a new pool, here are some things to consider before getting your Florida pool construction started.

Best Time To Build A Pool In Florida: Fall Or Winter, Preferably Fall

An article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal suggested that October to January is the ideal time to get in touch with pool builders and contractors. In the piece, reporter Bob Koslow noted that those seasons offered less risk of a weather delay and easier accessibility to discuss pools before the hustle and bustle of the spring.

There are various benefits of the fall for new pool construction. One reason many say fall is the best time to build a pool is that you are taking advantage of the pool building slow season. Plus, if you have the pool built in autumn, you give yourself the whole winter to complete your landscaping prior to the pool’s debut in the spring. 

On the opposite side, while late fall through winter seems plausible as the best time to build a pool in Florida, it is understandable why you might want to have a pool installed in late summer or early fall so that you could start to enjoy it a bit this year. 

Best Time To Build A Pool In Florida: Summer Not All Bad

You may not want to have pool contractors in your backyard during the summer. Although, consider the length of the project. The other aspect of the summer is that late summer can be a fantastic time for talking with pool builders. They will want to keep their crews at work and to prolong their busy season. Your project could allow that.

Best Time To Build A Pool In Florida: Fall Might Be It

When you think about a complex construction project, you might not think that fall is the best time to buy a pool. Set aside the above arguments. The holidays are top-of-mind in the winter. Water activities, outdoor environments, and sunny festivities are central to Florida summers. There are several reasons that fall might be the best option of all possible seasons (as indicated briefly above):


Again, Koslow has a point that the best time to build a backyard pool, especially if the project is particularly demanding, avoids the peak period – the spring and summer. You won’t have as much downtime (see below) with a project you begin in the fall. Start your off-season planning with the pool builder then.

Think about brainstorming time and get what you want. You can use any excess time you have prior to the spring to add pool features. There are many ways to bolster the space.

Also, communication will often be better with the contractor during the fall or winter simply because the builder has more time to talk.

Reduced need for chemicals

Fall is a clean season in Florida. The pollen starts coming from flowers in spring. Usually, the trees are not losing leaves until midwinter in Florida. Anything that might fall into the pool throws off the chemical balance. 

When you get your pool built during the fall, you can actually cut your costs because you do not need to spend extra money on overrunning your filtration system and pumps. 


Weather consistency and cooler temperatures can make building and installing your pool a much smoother process for everyone involved.

Is The Season Really The Most Important Concern?

Of course, you want to build at the right time of year, but the even more critical element is your partnership with a pool contractor. Choosing a great pool builder will allow you to have peace-of-mind that you will get what you want. 

With the pool builder, you will also work through determining specifics of what you want. You have to zero in on a particular size of the pool, of course. You also need to know the shape you want. Potential features are virtually limitless, so it helps to think about those conscientiously (and we would be happy to provide advice).

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