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What Kind of Swimming Pool Liner Do You Need?

When building or filling a pool, most people don’t think far beyond the water and pH levels, but your pool has specific needs below the surface that require your attention. One such requirement is the correct liner. All liners are not the same, and you may be wondering which one is best for you. Keep these factors in mind when purchasing a liner.

Types of Swimming Pool Liners

Three of the most popular types of liners are overlap, beaded, and uni-bead. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and some are better for certain pools than others. Overlap liners are good for above ground pools because they’re folded along the edge of the pool. They’re secured along the pool’s top wall or rail using coping strips. Beaded liners, on the other hand, need clips to stay secured to the pool. You’ll need a row of clips on a special track.

The track runs the entire length of the pool, and the beaded liner is hooked through its teeth. Uni-bead liners can be similar to beaded ones, but their perforated edges allow you to convert them into overlap liners. Uni-bead liners are sometimes called J hook liners because their edges resemble the letter J when inverted.

What Type Do You Need?

The swimming pool liner you choose is mostly a matter of preference, although certain nonnegotiable factors may influence your choice. For example, bead liners are usually expensive, so your budget may not allow you to purchase one. Additionally, you might need more expansion than a traditional bead liner can give you if your pool is especially deep.

If you intend to host many pool parties or have an eye for exterior design, choose a uni-bead liner, since they come in the most versatile colors and patterns. If you have elderly family members, small children, or physically disabled members, you might want to avoid overlap liners. They’re fairly easy to trip on or pull into the pool. This can cause the liner to tear or get tangled in swimmers’ feet.

Pool Construction Materials and Liners

Finally, the type of liner you have will depend on the material your pool is built from. Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools all have different liner needs. The expense and maintenance of different liner types also vary according to materials. If you still aren’t sure what to purchase, ask an expert for help setting a budget and choosing a swimming pool liner.

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