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What Is a Cocktail Pool?

what is a cocktail pool

Cocktail pools, otherwise known as compact pools, received this name due to their size. They are also commonly referred to as spools because they also have combination spa and pool functions as well. When looking at a cocktail pool, you will basically find that it is a scaled-down swimming pool. It can be above ground or below, indoors or outdoors, and can be used in both small and large yards.

Cocktail Pool Designs

There are many different cocktail pool designs, including those that resemble traditional swimming pools as well as those that are more round in shape like a spa. They are also very easily customizable, as well. So, if you want seating for your cocktail pool, it is definitely a feature to consider for the design.

Size of Cocktail Pools

The average dimensions of a cocktail pool come out to be a maximum area of 400 square feet. There are many that are even smaller than that, but for the most part, you can expect them to measure around 12 feet by 14 feet. They are also usually only four feet in depth.

Cost Estimate

On the lower end, cocktail pools can cost somewhere around $5,000. This is, however, if you do a lot of the work yourself. On the other hand, they can also cost several more thousand and be very similar in cost to that of a traditional swimming pool’s starting price depending on the size, type, and features you choose. Overall, the cost of cocktail pools will largely depend on your personal preferences.

All in all, cocktail pools generate a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to a more traditional swimming pool for the backyard. They require far less water, less maintenance, and less electricity to run as well, so you will quickly see these savings add up. They are also ideal for smaller spaces where there isn’t much room to work with.

So, if you are considering a pool to create the backyard retreat of your dreams, consider the many advantages that come along with choosing to invest in a cocktail pool rather than a standard size swimming pool.

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