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What Do You Want Out Of Your Outdoor Kitchen?

A common accessory to a backyard pool is an outdoor kitchen, although having one doesn’t mean you have to have the other.  However, they often go together because the people who invest in pools are often looking to turn their backyard into a party destination or at least to move more of their activities outside, and since they’re remodeling their backyard anyway it’s easier to do both projects at once.

Still, not every homeowner is the same, nor is every backyard, and both play a role in determining what kind of outdoor kitchen is right for you.

Kitchens For Modest Backyards And Budgets

An outdoor kitchen can take a variety of shapes and sizes.  At the small and economical end there are outdoor kitchens which basically amount to nothing more than a grill with a few insulated cabinets and some spare counter space.  These cabinets can store salads and drinks for partygoers so that they stay cool without any need to drag out a bulky cooler or let anyone raid your refrigerator, and if the cabinets are actively refrigerated you can use them to store food for grilling all throughout the summer.

Kitchens For Bigger Backyards

At the larger end, an outdoor kitchen is less an oversized grill and more an extension of your house that just so happens to be open to the elements.  With an outdoor kitchen of this size you can do just about all your food preparation, cooking, and serving outside, which means you can stay a part of your backyard party even as you get the food ready or you can simply enjoy the wind and the sunshine when you’re all on your own.

The exact size and shape of your outdoor kitchen is up to you and your backyard.  An outdoor kitchen may be as simple as a built-up deck, for instance, a deck which features not just a grill but also some permanent kitchen furniture and possibly a roof.  It could be a sort of transition area between your backyard and your house, improving the beauty of both.

A backyard that’s nothing but plain grass and the occasional tree is alright, but it’s not exactly a place that invites anyone to spend some time and enjoy themselves.  An outdoor kitchen can help not just by making you a better party host, but also by encouraging you and your family to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

How do you envision your outdoor kitchen?

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