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Backyard Wave Pools: Bring the Beach to Your Home

backyard wave pool residential

Do you love going to the beach for the waves? But dread packing so much stuff and combating the sand that finds its way into every crack and crevice?

If you have a backyard pool, you have another option. Instead of heading to the waves, you can bring the beach to you with your own backyard wave pool.

What Is a Backyard Wave Pool?

You may be familiar with the wave pools often found at waterparks. Those tend to be massive pools capable of entertaining dozens of guests at a time.

Of course, you don’t always have the time to head to your nearest waterpark when you want to enjoy the excitement of swimming in a wave pool. Luckily, you don’t have to. It’s entirely possible to recreate the wave pool experience in your own backyard.

How Does a Home Wave Pool Work?

There are several ways to turn a typical backyard pool into your very own residential wave pool. Regardless, they’re usually different from the methods used to create waves at the larger pools in waterparks.

One of the most common ways to create a backyard wave pool is to use specialized equipment to blow pressurized air onto the surface of the water. This creates safe but fun waves in the pool.

A residential wave pool system might also include a paddle in the water itself. This paddle generates a force that creates small ripple-like waves.

Backyard wave pools are usually around six feet in depth and can easily create the experience of being at the beach even when you are only going as far as your own backyard.

How Do You Create a Home Wave Pool – and Much Does It Cost?

You don’t necessarily have to invest in specialized equipment to create your own backyard wave pool in your home’s swimming pool. Although you can purchase machines designed specifically for the purpose of creating waves in backyard pools, you could try other methods if you find them to be too expensive.

This is particularly true if you don’t care about the waves being massively high. You probably don’t want them to be too high anyway. Otherwise, the water would splash out of your pool.

One way to make your own respectable home wave pool is to buy some type of water-friendly rotating paddle wheel device that can run on its own. Place the paddlewheel in the pool, so half of it is in the pool, and half is sticking out. Its motion will disturb the water, creating waves as a result.

Compressed air is another option to consider. If you have any tool that blows compressed air, you can simply direct it to the water to create waves. This is another affordable method to keep in mind if you’re worried about how much a home wave pool might cost you. Additionally, this method allows you to exercise a greater degree of control over the waves you’re creating.

There are even ways to create a home wave pool without any equipment whatsoever. All you need is a few people who are willing to exert themselves.

After all, creating waves in a backyard pool is just a matter of displacing the water. With that in mind, you and few other family members or friends could get in the pool, stand alongside each other on one end, and jump up and down at the same time for a few minutes. This will displace the water, creating mini waves.

Or, if you don’t have enough people, or you’re trying to create a backyard wave pool for your kids, you could bounce a bodyboard up and down in the pool. The waves this method creates will probably be large enough to satisfy little kids. The extra weight of the bodyboard will compensate for the lack of other people helping.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, a quick Google search will also reveal several guides explaining how to build your own wave-making machine. You might consider following one of them if you’re looking for a new DIY project that will also make your pool an even more enjoyable backyard fixture.

Note: If you like the idea of having a backyard wave pool, but you don’t currently have a backyard pool at all, you may naturally have questions like “How much does it cost for a pool in your backyard?” You may be pleasantly surprised to learn it might not be as expensive as you assume.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways you can create a wave pool for your very own backyard. That way, you don’t have to make the long and messy trek to the beach when you are craving some waves. It is an even better experience when you have a beach entry type pool with a tile that mimics the feel of real sand under your feet. Especially after a long hard day of work.

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