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Use Your Swimming Pool to Enjoy the Latest Fitness Craze

Latest Fitness Craze

Unless you’ve been living on a remote deserted island, you’ve probably heard of a fitness craze called Zumba. This dance-centered, Latin-inspired workout program is excellent for people of all ages and fitness abilities. Enthusiasts move and shake to contemporary music, receiving a workout without even realizing it. Zumba engages a variety of muscles, increases heart rate, works up a sweat, and burns calories. People love Zumba because it feels like a dance party that just so happens to benefit their bodies. They also can’t get enough of the positive results.

The Zumba community, taking it a step further, has now introduced Aqua Zumba. This shifts the party from land to water and can be done in a public setting or the privacy of your backyard swimming pool. Why not invite a few friends over, turn up the music, and get moving together?

Aqua Zumba is low-impact and easy on the joints and muscles, yet the water resistance is perfect for strength building. Another benefit is that expert dance and swimming abilities are not required. It’s all about feeling the music, moving your body, and having fun. Most of the activity takes place in one spot through choreographed movements, but some forms might add water walking or movement throughout the pool for greater variety and to challenge other body parts.

Do you dislike feeling hot or sweating during a workout? Aqua Zumba is the answer. The water cools you off, making for a comfortable and enjoyable workout. The program results in strength building, toning, and can even increase flexibility. These are only some of the benefits to working out in the water, especially through Aqua Zumba.

Want to practice Aqua Zumba at home? Purchase a DVD, or find a video on your phone, and follow it from the pool. If you are feeling creative, turn on some favorite music and try original choreography. Having a dance party in your home swimming pool while also getting a full body workout is a winning combination. Get moving and shaking today and see what the Zumba craze, and Aqua Zumba craze, are all about!

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