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Enclosed Swimming Pools: Understanding Why Florida Pools Have Screens

Understanding Why Florida Pools Have Screens

If you’ve lived in Florida for a few years, chances are you’ve asked yourself, “Why are pools in Florida enclosed?” While investing in a screen or screen room certainly isn’t “standard” for pools in Florida, screens provide many benefits that keep your pool clean, and maintain the pool’s value.

5 Benefits of Enclosing Your Florida Swimming Pool

  1. Convenience. Depending on the type of screen that you have, it can be taken down and reassembled. With this feature, having a screen for your pool is a convenience that won’t get in the way or distract from the beautiful poolscape that defines your backyard. This also means that the pool screen can be easily moved and stored as needed.
  2. Bug repellent without the chemicals. Many Florida homeowners invest in screens for their pools to keep the bugs at bay. The netting is so fine that even the tiniest insects – such as mosquitoes – won’t be able to disrupt your pool experience. However, because the material is so thin, you’ll still feel the sun, breeze, and other outdoor elements.
  3. Safety features. Some screens have an entry handle that’s difficult for children to reach. This helps ensure that children are kept safe; an outdoor pool in an enclosed area protects children, pets, and wildlife. For many homeowners, knowing that their children are safe from accidentally falling into the pool is a major reason to invest in a screen.
  4. Keep out debris. Just as nets keep out the bugs, they can also keep out unwanted debris. For homeowners that live in a wooded area, for instance, a screen can help keep leaves from dirtying the water. This keeps your pool cleaner for longer! You’ll be surprised at how much debris can accumulate in the water without a screen for protection.
  5. Different styles. Many homeowners are hesitant about purchasing a screen for their pool because they don’t want to take away from its aesthetic beauty. Fortunately, pool screens come in a wide variety of designs, ensuring that they can fit seamlessly into any environment.

Again, owning a screen for your Florida pool isn’t necessarily “standard.” It’s simply another feature that can enhance your experience as a pool owner!

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