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Two Senior-Friendly Swimming Pool Features

senior friendly swimming pool

Swimming pools can be very beneficial for seniors. It’s a way for them to exercise, remain active, and relax outdoors. Unfortunately, many seniors shy away from installing a pool in their backyard because of safety fears. With so many retirees for Florida, it’s important that they consider all options before ruling out the possibility of installing a pool. There are a number of senior-friendly swimming pool features that can make a backyard pool safe and enjoyable for the elderly.

Ramps And Beach-Style Entry

As seniors age, they often deal with chronic issues like arthritis and osteoporosis which can be painful. It can be difficult to walk up and down stairs, which is typically the only way to enter a pool. Seniors should not consider stairs a deterrent, however. They have the option of installing ramps and beach-style points of entry.

Ramps will gradually grade into the water, allowing seniors to enter and exit without increasing their risk of injury. Ramps can also allow seniors who are wheelchair-bound to enjoy the pool via an aquatic wheelchair.

Beach-style entries feature one side of the pool that gradually blends into the pool deck, like the ocean floor blends in with the beach. This feature can be incorporated into a pool’s design so that seniors can enter the pool at their own pace. Beach entries are especially beneficial because seniors are able to control how deep into the pool they go. If they wish just to dip their feet in the water, they’re able to do so easily. With a traditional pool, seniors would have to walk down the steps or sit on the pool’s ledge for a quick dip.


Handrails provide stability for seniors while they are in the water. They should be placed alongside all points of entry. They should also run alongside both ends of a ramp. Additionally, handrails can be placed anywhere in the pool. Placing a handrail in the middle of the pool can give seniors something to hold onto while exercising.

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