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Try A Baja Ledge With Your Pool

Throughout the years, there have been many swimming pool trends that have came and went.  However, there have been others that have quickly become “mainstays” when it comes to backyard pool design.  One of these “mainstay” ideas seems to be the Baja ledge.

Referred to by other names, such as a tanning ledge, or sun ledge, the Baja ledge refers to the shallow section of the pool, where little kids can play and adults can dip their feet and relax.  The Baja ledge has often been incorporated into the pool steps, often serving as a second step down into the main pool area.  Besides their convenience and general usefulness,  Baja ledges can create a unique and radiant design that will help bring the architectural quality of your pool to life.  Does this seem like a good fit in your home pool?  Despite having a host of advantages, a Baja ledge is ultimately not for everybody.  Let’s explore if a Baja ledge would be a great addition to your pool.

Options For Your Baja Ledge

One of the main reasons that Baja ledges are so popular is that they are capable of fitting into almost any pool design.  The shape of these ledges can be customized to fit any pool, whether it’s freeform, geometric, or any other style.  That being said, if you’re thinking of installing a fiberglass pool, or have one already in your home, the number of options for a Baja ledge addition are very limited.  There are also some issues with vinyl pools as well.  If a Baja ledge is a feature that you strongly desire, the best choice for a pool material to implement this feature into would be a custom concrete pool.  Luckily, most pools are designed from concrete.  If you’re unsure what type of material your pool is made of, a pool installation expert can quickly provide you with the answer.

The Cost Of Installing A Baja Ledge

A Baja ledge doesn’t add too much to the cost of the pool, especially if you already have some sort of steps implemented into your pool design already.  Just like any other investment, if you decide to add extra features like bubblers to your Baja ledge, the cost will go up.  Whatever the price may be, the Baja ledge is great and simple way to get more out of your pool experience.  It provides you with a place to relax without having to change into your bathing suit or navigating onto a pool float.    Also, on days when the deeper water may be too chilly to swim in, the shallow end will be warmer and can allow you to still enjoy yourself.  As mentioned before, a Baja ledge is also great if you have children, grandchildren, or older members of the family that may not be as physically capable of swimming on their own.

Weigh Your Options And Make A Decision

If you’re thinking about a Baja ledge, it’s important to realize what you plan on using your pool for.  If you’re into swimming or sporting activities in the pool, then you might not want to give up on the space needed to create a Baja ledge.  On the contrary, if you’re into relaxation and soaking up the sun, then the Baja ledge will the perfect and cost effective addition to your pool!

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