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Transform Any Backyard with a Custom Pool

transform your backyard with a custom pool

Pools often seem like they have a standardized look, one that can really only fit in the standardized lot of a standardized house.  But not every lot is standard – some lots are smaller than usual or have the house placed so far back that most of the lawn is in the front yard, some lots are much bigger than normal and a standard-sized pool would get lost in the massive backyard, and still other lots are built on the side of a hill, making it too steep for a traditional pool.

Fortunately, building an in-ground swimming pool is really no more complicated than digging a big hole in the ground, and you can make a hole in any shape you want.  With a custom shape and design, a pool can add value and utility to any kind of backyard.

Too Small

If your backyard is much longer in one dimension than the other, why not do the same with your swimming pool?  You only need one lane to practice swimming, after all.  Alternately, you could create a custom pool that’s half ornamental pond, half outdoor tub made for cooling off.

Too Big

A big lot deserves a big custom pool, but then that’s no reason to limit your imagination to the traditional rectangle of the community pool.  Why not build a pool with fountains and tiers that follow the rise and fall of the land, something that really fills in an otherwise empty part of your yard?  You could also keep the edges round and shallow as if it were a real pond.  Alternately, a small pool in a big yard could be a fenced-off hideaway, a quiet spot where you can leave the whole world behind.

Too Steep

While a very steep property could pose a problem for the digging equipment, the pool itself is no real challenge:  all a pool contractor would need to do is build a retaining wall on one side, essentially making the pool half in-ground and half not.  In fact, building a pool into a slope is a great excuse to make it an endless pool, a pool that lacks an edge on one side so that it looks like it’s connected to the landscape beyond.

A standard pool isn’t for everyone, but fortunately not every pool has to be standard.  No matter what your property’s shape or size should happen to be, you can find or create a custom pool design that will fit it like a glove.

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