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The Top Swimming Pool Trends Making a Splash for 2020

top swimming pool trends 2020

Now that we have made it into a brand new year, there are plenty of top swimming pool trends in 2020 making an appearance. Today we will go over a few of them to provide you with some inspiration in case you are about to, or you are thinking about a new swimming pool construction in your near future.

Top 2020 Pool Trends

Without further ado, here are the top swimming pool trends making a splash for 2020:

Built-In Ledges and Bars

Pools are no longer just reserved for swimming. They are also a great place for hanging out with family and friends while still being able to enjoy the cool water. Built-in ledges and bars make it easier to relax and provide you with more options than a simple pool float or raft. It is a great way to incorporate more seating for your social gatherings as well.

Smart Lighting

This has already begun making an appearance, but technology is always evolving and getting better year after year. Instead of having to settle on just one lighting color for your pool area, you can now have multicolor lights and you can also control the brightness level of those lights.

Have a certain mood or ambiance you want to set for your pool party? Smart lighting can definitely help you do just that while wowing your guests.

Dark Interior Pool Finishes

If you are looking for more of a lagoon type feel for your backyard pool, then you should consider the rising popularity of dark interior pool finishes. Dust and debris that make their way into the pool don’t stand out against this darker background, and the darker finish also retains light better, which can help you cut down on heating costs for the pool.

Shallow-Depth Pools

Many pools already have a shallow end and then a deep end. However, shallow depth pools are trending in 2020 because more and more people want to use their pool for exercise or water sports. You will also find a lower cost when it comes to construction and excavation costs.

What top swimming pool trends are you interested in this year? Let us know!

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