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Top 7 Expert Tips When Planning a New Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool should be tailored to your space and needs. The experts at Olympus Pools have the experience to help you make the best decisions. When building an in-ground swimming pool, there are several key considerations to keep in mind, such as the water table, the amount of space available, and which design will most complement your home.

Here are 7 expert tips from Olympus Pools to help you make the best choice:

What to Consider When Planning a New Pool Build In Your Backyard

1. Yard Survey: Is your yard suited for a swimming pool? By having it surveyed, you will find out important factors such as whether you have a grade in your yard and the height of the water table. The survey will help determine how large of a pool you can accommodate, how far it should be from the house, and how deep it can be. It will also outline factors that need to be considered as far as septic and underground utilities.

2. Project Budget: Coming up with a budget beforehand can make it easier to make decisions when presented with options for your outdoor pool. Also, it enables your pool builder to work with you on ideas that are within your price range from the start of the project.

3. Zoning Restrictions: Ask your local city or county office what zoning restrictions may apply to your property. Are there any easement restrictions and how many feet of access you have between your backyard and your neighbor’s property?

4. Safety: Consider any potential safety issues. For example, small children or family pets can be at risk around a swimming pool. Would you want or need a safety gate to be part of your project and is one required in your local ordinance?

5. Design Materials: When it comes to planning your pool, it is also helpful to think of your ideal design options, such as building materials, patio or deck materials, lighting, retaining walls, and landscaping.

6. Additional Features: How important are additional features, such as hot tubs, fountains, and diving boards? By considering your ideal design, you will find it easier to build the pool of your dreams.

7. Pool Technology: Consider how advanced you want your pool’s technology to be. Remote controls are available that can power everything from heaters, lights, and pool covers.

By incorporating these 7 expert tips, you can create a stunning backyard oasis. For more information on backyard pools, contact Olympus Pools, your top Tampa Pool Contractor today.

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