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Top 6 Swimming Pool Exercises

Losing weight or maintaining weight loss is the top New Year’s resolution every year. The problem is, most people get stumped on how to do it, or they hate exercise so much they find every reason to procrastinate. Many people think having a pool will entice them to exercise, but swimming laps can feel repetitive. If you want to use your pool for exercise but don’t know how to make it fun, we’re here to help. Let’s spotlight a few key pool exercises now.

Water Jogging

One of the quickest and easiest swimming pool exercises, this involves jogging for brief intervals in waist-high water. You can burn up to 17 calories per minute, and more if you alternate with other exercises such as stretching or walking around the pool’s edge. Try walking for five minutes or so to warm up, then jogging for 2–3 minutes. Keep alternating, adding minutes to your jogging time.

Pool Planking

For this, you need a foam pool noodle. Stand on the pool floor, hold the noodle in both hands, and press it straight down. Lean forward with your head out of the water until your body is on an even incline and try to stay stable for 1–2 minutes. Planking will be easier than on land because the water will provide natural resistance.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are harder in the pool because of the water’s resistance and your natural buoyancy, which will want to tip you back and forth. Spread your legs out as if on land to jump, but don’t let your feet touch the bottom of the pool. To make it more challenging, try to clap or count as you come back down.


If you like riding a stationary bike on land, this exercise is for you. Lean against the edge of the pool with your hands flat on the pool deck behind you to help your arms stretch. Then pedal your feet in shallow water as if riding a bike. The water will tug against you, burning calories and stretching your hamstrings and other leg muscles.

Pool Yoga

If you get plenty of cardio but not enough stretch time, or if you need low-impact exercise to start your fitness journey, consider pool yoga or hot tub yoga. You can invest in an inexpensive video program to help get started.

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