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Tone-Up This Season by Using Your Swimming Pool

Tone-Up This Season by Using Your Swimming Pool

Are you interested in a workout that could engage every muscle in your body simultaneously? Look no further than your backyard swimming pool. This body of water provides the opportunity to exercise while having fun at the same time.

Swimming pools can be used for a number of workout ventures, ranging from swimming laps to resistance movements. Feel free to jump in the pool, utilizing your own body weight, or grab a beach ball, kickboard, or noodle to get started. Here are other ways to get that heart rate up and keep cool at the same time in a pool.

Swim Laps: This is one of the best ways to engage in water-related exercise and doesn’t necessarily require expert swimming ability. Dog paddling from one end of the pool to the other can leave arms and legs burning in the best way. For those with a bit more experience, mix up strokes to challenge different body parts. The breast stroke is a great go-to, but throwing in the back stroke once in a while engages other muscles.

Tread Water: This seems simple, but can be incredibly effective. In the deep end of the pool, tread water quickly for one minute at a time. Do 3-5 reps, depending on how much you can handle. Impressively, this exercise can burn as many calories per minute as a 6 mile/minute run!

Use a Kickboard: You might think that kickboards are just for kids in swimming lessons, but that’s certainly not the case. Using a kickboard to power through the pool provides a perfect way to stabilize the core and engage surrounding muscles.

Water Walking: If you feel like taking it easy but still want a work out, try water walking. Maneuver from one end of the pool to the other while lifting your knees as close to your chest as possible. This is a beneficial low resistance workout that still engages a number of different muscles and boosts heart rate at the same time.

Water-related exercise is excellent for a number of reasons, including that it works all muscles without inducing unnecessary strain. Furthermore, the equal pressure of the water helps circulate blood flow and results in lower blood pressure and heart rate. It can also improve posture, endurance, and overall cardiovascular health. .

Armed with these reasons and more, head to your backyard pool and enjoy a water workout today!

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