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Tips for visualizing the design of your pool

As you work with a contractor to bring your swimming pool vision to life, knowing exactly what you want will help expedite the process. This is an exciting time that will eventually create memories and opportunities for fun with your family and friends throughout the years. However, creating a concept for your swimming pool can be difficult, especially with so many potential options to consider.

By narrowing your focus on the function and features of the pool, you can visualize an ideal design that your contractor can then bring to life.

A pool is a large investment, so it’s important to know exactly what you want so that the construction process can begin right away. Of course, a good contractor will discuss the finer details with you, but the larger vision will be yours. To begin visualizing your dream pool, consider:

1. The shape of the pool. One of the most noticeable features of the pool is its shape. Do you want an oval, Grecian, or round pool? Don’t like any of those options? Don’t worry – there’s plenty of room for custom design to give you the pool shape you want. The visual outline of your pool will have a major impact on your backyard’s landscape and will define the pool itself, so be sure to consider a shape that blends seamlessly with your surrounding environment.
2. The pool’s technology. Do you want a beautiful waterfall with cascading streams that create a miniature tropical paradise in your backyard? What about beautiful LED lighting that has the ability to shift through many colors? Energy efficiency? When it comes to technology for your swimming pool, there are many options to consider. Be sure to discuss available options with your pool contractor.
3. Luxury enhancements. Aside from a waterfall, there are many aesthetic enhancements that you can invest in to create a stunning swimming pool. From laminar jets that shoot arcs of water through the air to an attached hot tub where you can relax all year long, there are aesthetic and practical improvements that will boost the value and functionality of your pool.
4. The decking that surrounds the pool is one of the most notable visual elements. Whether you want a decorative deck made of stone or a wooden one with an earthy feel, be sure to let your contractor know what you envision for the pool’s surroundings.

As a Tampa Pool Builder, we will be happy to discuss your exact design requirements with you and propose the best options for your pool.

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