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Tips for Protecting Your Hair from Chlorinated Swimming Pools

Chlorinated Swimming Pools

Dr. Seuss characters might look good with green hair, but the rest of us? Not so much. It’s a frustrating thing to see your hair change color or become brittle due to time spent in the swimming pool. Contrary to popular belief, chlorine is not to blame; copper oxide and sulfate due to gas-heater coils and brass fittings within the pool are the culprits. They take hair from brilliantly blonde to grungy and green. However, there are a number of tips for protecting your hair and keeping it healthy.

Before: It is important to wet your hair thoroughly prior to going for a swim. From there, ring out the moisture and apply a small amount of conditioner to the middle and ends of your locks. Secure in a low bun and you are ready to go! This process works because hair is like a sponge and soaks up whatever it contacts first. By coating your hair with clean water and conditioner, you’ve created a barrier, and less pool water will be absorbed as a result.

In addition to conditioner, other hair protectors include olive oil and coconut oil. These are natural ingredients that provide the same protection, while also hydrating the hair and preventing the brittleness so many people experience. No one wants breakage that must be cut and allowed to grow back. Take a few minutes in preparation to avoid damage.

After: Following a refreshing swim, rinse out pool water. Don’t leave harsh chemicals from the pool sitting on your hair for the rest of the day. If possible, wash with a clarifying shampoo and condition generously.

Has the damage to your hair already been done? Is it already a greenish-hue or has it been destroyed by too much time spent in the swimming pool? Not to worry; there are a number of at home treatments to combat this problem.

Vinegar, tomato juice and lemon juice all have an acidic quality that can lower the PH of your hair and return it to normal. Simply take a ½ cup of any of these and pour it over damaged tresses. Always wash your hair following these treatments, however.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your backyard pool without worry and maintain beautiful hair!

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