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Throwing the Ultimate Swimming Pool Party

Ultimate Swimming Pool Party

One of the biggest draws to owning a pool is the ability to have people over and entertain. But, that’s not where it ends! You want your pool party to be an event everyone remembers, but what’s the best way to create the ultimate pool party? Take a look at these tips for creating a memorable poolside experience.


Creating a themed pool party is a fun way to get everyone excited about attending your event. Ideal themes for pool parties include pirates, surfing or luaus. When launching a party theme, be sure to create themed invitations that give guests a preview of your unique event. Include a snapshot of activities and any guest instructions, like costume suggestions, that will truly help make the event memorable.


When planning the ultimate pool party, food is a must! But, you don’t want to serve heavy foods that are hard to eat or will spoil in the sun. Ideally, preparing main dishes on a grill near the pool ensures that food is a safe temperature to eat and will not sit around in the open air. Finger foods are a perfect addition to a pool party menu because they are easy to handle and quickly eaten, leaving little need for clean-up.


Pool parties are supposed to be full of happy memories, not disaster. Don’t forget to maintain poolside safety during your sun-soaked event. If there will be children attending the party, there should always be at least one adult supervising children in the pool. Keeping a first aid kit nearby is a smart move as slips, falls and bumps can occur on wet floors.

Show Off

Part of the fun of throwing a pool party is showing off your planning skills. The best way to do this is to make sure every detail is taken care of. Do guests have access to clean towels and changing rooms? Do you have extra sunscreen and tanning lotion for guests? Do you have themed party gifts? Taking care of the little things is what will make your party comfortable and memorable for your guests.

Now that you have the four basic pool party steps in place, customize them to create a unique poolside event that your guests will remember for years to come!

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