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Three Types Of Natural Pool Waterfalls

natural pool waterfalls

One of the most popular features that Florida pool owners have been utilizing are natural waterfalls. Natural pool waterfalls have come a long way in recent years. There are now more options than ever before, meaning you will be able to pick a plan that you love and that blends into your backyard seamlessly. Below are the primary natural rock waterfall designs available from which you can choose.

Spillover Waterfalls

A spillover waterfall is best for those who wish to have a tiered pool design, allowing the water to spill from one section of the pool to another. Infinity ledges, which appear to stretch forever into the horizon, could be implemented into a spillover waterfall design. Many Florida pool owners also utilize a spillover waterfall when they have a hot tub, spa, or tanning area that sits above their pool.

Sheer Drop Waterfalls

You should consider sheer drop waterfalls if you’re looking for the waterfall to be one of the leading focus points of your pool design. With a sheer drop waterfall, the water falls from a height of at least one foot. However, the water does not run straight down the rock wall. Instead, it is cast forward, making it evident to all that the waterfall is there.

Extreme examples of sheer drop waterfalls include one Florida pool owner who built one into his deck so that the water dropped approximately eight feet into the water below. Another example consists of a giant, elegant stone structure at the head of the pool that made the sheer drop waterfall the first thing that people saw when they walked into this pool owner’s backyard.

Cascading Waterfalls

For those considering a design that implements a lot of stone, you may want to select a cascading waterfall. Typically, these waterfalls rely on large, massive rocks in their design. The water runs down the rocks as if it a small brook running downstream. Often, cascading waterfalls tend to drip or trickle into the pool, which can create a very relaxing atmosphere.

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