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The Ultimate Guide To Pool Enclosures

In Florida, with our year-round warm weather, we often overlook the benefits of pool enclosures. However, pool enclosures offer a variety of benefits including security and privacy, easy maintenance, and protection from the elements. A backyard pool enclosure can enhance your swimming pool experience, so it is a great option to consider no matter where you live. Here is a guide to some of the pool enclosures available and what benefits they offer.

The Three Types Of Pool Enclosures

There are three types of pool enclosures to consider when choosing an enclosure for your pool:

  1. Flat Enclosure: A flat pool enclosure is similar to a pool cover, but offer more protection. It lays flat along the surface of your pool deck and protects your pool water from debris, unwelcomed guests, and evaporation. The enclosure is simply retracted when you want to use the pool. Low profile enclosures can also be propped up to act as a wind barrier on blustery days.
  1. Low Profile Enclosure: Low profile enclosures are very similar to flat enclosures as they act as a modified pool cover. Low profile enclosures sit slightly above the ground and offer all the same protections as a flat enclosure but are a more attractive feature. Even though these are lower to the ground, you can still swim in them while the pool enclosure is on because they provide just enough headspace.
  1. Standing Enclosure: A standing enclosure structure essentially acts as an indoor pool. Standing enclosures can be incorporated into your architectural design along the side of your house or act as a stand-alone area. Standing enclosures can have retractable roofs and provide the ultimate in year-round protection. Standing enclosures are the best way to ensure that you have the ultimate in privacy and protection. Plus, they are a really impressive feature when you have guests over.

So if you are looking for a way to reduce your pool maintenance and get more time out of your backyard pool, consider a pool enclosure.

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