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The Simply Sophisticated Swimming Pool Trend

Swimming pools have become a fairly common sight over the last several years, and with good reason. Adding a pool to a home can help give you and your family a place to hang out and spend time together, a great place to work out, and much more.

But a pool can be a lot more than just a concrete hole in the ground. Today, you’ll likely notice that more and more pools are going for a refined, sophisticated look that helps them stand out and turns them into focal points of a backyard in numerous ways.

Sophisticated swimming pools have several features that set them apart including designs that aren’t basic rectangles, but that are still simple and elegant to look at, different surfaces around the pool instead of just basic concrete – things like tile or stone are sometimes used. And they may also have additional features like a nearby fireplace or a spa.

All in all, the cost of installing one of these types of pools isn’t much more than a traditional one. However, doing so can bring a number of major benefits to anyone’s home. Here are some of the biggest reasons that adding a simply sophisticated pool makes sense.

  • For starters, they provide all the classic benefits of having a pool. This includes things like excellent exercise opportunities, better family time, and more.
  • These pools can transform a backyard into the favorite part of your home. Especially when combined with things like outdoor kitchens and sitting areas, your sophisticated pool will become an entertaining hotspot for you and your family, not to mention friends if you decide to have a get-together.
  • Sophisticated swimming pools can help improve the overall property value as well. Yes, a basic swimming pool can too but when you have an excellent pool design in place, your home’s value will likely increase even further.
  • The right pool design can blend with the rest of your property to create a total sense of style that is lacking when you only have a basic pool in the backyard.

Adding a pool to a home certainly makes a lot of sense. But adding a pool with a stylish, sophisticated design is something that makes even more sense. It can transform a home in numerous ways and provide you with an investment that you’ll never regret making. If you’re considering installing a pool, be sure to take a look at additional designs that could elevate your pool to something truly special.

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