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The Process of Building a New Pool

The Process of Building a New Pool

Building a new pool is a major investment and a significant change to your property, and it’s not something you should start on a whim.  There are a lot of steps involved in planning out and then building a new pool. So, it would be best if you remembered them all to get a pool that will best enhance your backyard and provide the most enjoyable experience possible.

  1. Find The Right Contractor

Remember that the lowest bidder isn’t always the best choice.  You also need to consider the contractor’s reputation and experience, plus a good contractor will be able to help you plan out and design your new backyard.

  1. Finalize Your Pool’s Appearance

With your pool contractor’s help, you should design a pool that takes full advantage of your lot’s size and shape. This design should enhance the beauty of your home, your yard, or both at once. Although there are certain practical considerations, such as trees, pipes, and underground cables, if you can avoid digging through them, there’s no limit on your pool’s shape or size. After all, the only things you need are a hole, concrete, and plaster. Those can come in any shape you require.

  1. Obtain A Permit

A pool can be dangerous if it’s left open and unsupervised. Construction involves a lot of loud and heavy machines, and it can affect local property values, which is why you need a permit from the government before you can build a pool. You have to finish designing your pool before you ask for a permit since you need to include the pool’s shape and size in the paperwork, and you also need to explain which pool safety features you’ll be installing. Still, the chances are good that you’ll get your permit if you fill everything out correctly.

  1. Build The Pool

Once you have permission from the government and your installation date has come up, it’s time to build your new pool, a process that can take a few weeks to over a month depending on a lot of actors.

  1. Rebuild Your Lawn

Unfortunately, the construction vehicles and equipment needed to build a pool do a number on grass and gardens, so once it’s all over you’ll need to reseed and replant. On the upside, this does give you the perfect excuse to redesign your backyard’s landscape and garden design.

Building a new pool takes more than a few steps, but if you’re sure about what you want, then your results will be worth the trouble. Just remember what you need to do at each stage once they come up, and you’ll be in good shape.

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