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The Perfect Swimming Pool Color Scheme

swimming pool color scheme

When it comes to your custom swimming pool, it’s not just shape, type, and lighting that matter. Your swimming pool color scheme also plays a huge role in the overall aesthetic of your backyard. A custom pool is a major statement on your property, and it is the feature that draws the eyes first every time you or a guest steps foot in your backyard. When choosing your swimming pool color scheme, take a closer look at the message you’re trying to convey with your space.

For those whose backyard has a style reminiscent of a soothing retreat, you’ll want to continue communicating this style with your swimming pool color scheme. A shade of aquamarine surrounded by earth tones will give the effect of cool and refreshing Caribbean water, perfectly encapsulating the oasis of relaxation you’re trying to create. Aquamarine goes particularly well with richer earth tones, and it makes designing your general pool area quite fun. Terra-cotta reds, deep greens, and earthy browns will all pop against the glistening aquamarine.

If you’re looking at a clean and modern look for your backyard space, you may wish to consider a silvery gray or clear and classic blue for your swimming pool. Those shades are both timeless and modern, and they enhance the crisp and clean look of any modern space. If you’re planning to throw parties, few colors are better when illuminated by in-ground or smart lighting.

Light sand shades are ideal for those who simply want a classic and traditional look for their pool. Those light earth tones are some of the most versatile color options you can choose, and they’ll age gracefully with a property of any style. If you wish to change your backyard style over time, you never have to worry that your pool will suddenly fail to fit in. If you’re unsure of a backyard color scheme, going with a light sand shade for your pool is always a safe bet.

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