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The Newest Trends in Floating Swimming Pool Furniture

“Pool party” and “furniture” don’t seem to go together at first glance. After all, guests come to a pool party to swim, don’t they? Yes, but during a pool party, guests like to stop swimming and relax awhile. Floating furniture, such as inflatable chairs, helps with this while creating other benefits that make any pool party successful.

Newest Floating Furniture

Inflatable chairs normally come to mind when thinking of floating furniture, but pool furniture is much more versatile. For example, as swim-up bars gain popularity, so do in-water benches and tables. These allow swimmers to enjoy snacks and drinks without leaving the pool or waiting to be served poolside. Additionally, several pool owners are moving away from traditional steps and ladders. Instead, they choose to build walkway entries, stepping stone entries, or gentle slopes that mimic walking from shore to water. These are particularly beneficial for children, the elderly, or any other swimmers who have trouble with ladders or curbs.

Activities for Everyone

Floating furniture increases the amount and type of activities guests can do in and around a pool. For instance, grottos are small caves made of either real or artificial rock with spaces large enough for a few swimmers to enjoy at a time. Newlyweds and married couples often use these for romantic swims, and children use them as forts or hiding places.

Another popular type of floating furniture is the inflatable tent. These include open-air models with several seats, or they can have chlorine-resistant canopies. Tents are popular with children and parents of infants or toddlers. They allow privacy and quiet away from the noise of a pool party. Enclosed tents also make it easier for pool-goers to enjoy a drink, read a book, or even nap.

Plenty of Seating

Pool party hosts often agonize over where to put everyone. This is especially true if the pool is built in a small space. Floating furniture is a huge help with this sort of dilemma. Floating chairs or pool stools can be easily transferred in and out of the pool depending on the number of guests. These chairs can also provide additional porch and deck seating for those who don’t want to swim. Swim-up bars can be used to seat guests when no one is eating.

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