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The Importance of Proper Pool Maintenance

The thing about water is that it’s the key to life.  That’s part of the reason why people are attracted to pools and spas both in the neighborhood and in the backyard, but it also means that it’s a great place to find unwanted algae and mold.  That’s why it’s so important to keep a pool clean, pH-balanced, and heated to just the right temperature, and it’s why it’s important perform pool maintenance on a regular basis.

The Demands Of Pool Ownership

Here are just a few things you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your pool in top shape:

  1. Skim the surface for leaves, bugs, and other debris.
  2. Clean out the strainer baskets.
  3. Brush the walls for algae and calcium buildup.
  4. Clean the filter.
  5. Check the water level and refill as necessary.
  6. Check the pH balance and add chemicals as needed.
  7. Superchlorinate or “shock” the water on occasion to reduce the chlorine odor.
  8. Check the pool surface for significant cracks or signs of wearing and repair if possible.
  9. Service the pool heater and possibly clean out more calcium buildup from the tubes.
  10. Winterize the pool if the weather in your area gets cold enough.
  11. Prep the pool for swimming season once it grows warm again.

Time Or Money?

It’s because there’s so much to do to keep a pool in good condition that many pool owners will pay for a professional pool cleaning and maintenance service and never look back.  Not only does it take a lot of the effort out of owning and using a pool, it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your pool is in expert hands.  You may be tempted to put off a routine skimming or brushing, but cleaning pools is their job, and it’s a job most services take seriously.

On top of that, every pool comes with a number of complicated pumps, heaters, and filtration systems that need a professional’s eye from time to time. With a regular maintenance service comes regular inspections of the most important parts of your pool, and as such even a pool with an automated cleaning system could benefit from the occasional checkup.

A pool isn’t just a big boost to your backyard, it’s also a big responsibility that demands either time or money on your part to keep it in top shape.  Still, once you dive in on a hot, humid day, you’ll know that all your effort was worth everything you spent.

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