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The Design Purpose Behind Swimming Pool Shapes

Swimming Pool

Pools come in every shape and size imaginable, from retro kidneys to never-ending perimeter-overflows (infinity pools). But did you know that commonly available swimming pool shapes actually have different purposes and uses? Read on to find out which pool fits you best.

Roman Swimming Pools

These pools are a symbol of timeless beauty and elegance. They are usually square or rectangle in the middle with a rounded outcropping on two sides and a fountain at the top. Symmetry is the key design element in Roman swimming pools. The rounded areas of the pool often feature built in benches. These pools convey the height of relaxation and luxury, and their clean lines juxtapose nicely against neatly trimmed shrubbery and grass. They also make excellent lap pools. 

L-Shaped Pools

Both L-shaped and lazy L-shaped pools offer the best of both worlds. Avid swimmers can take laps in the long rectangular area, while kids can play in the squared off section. Container or small border gardens nestle into the crook of the L and provide a colorful and shaded overhang. L-shaped pools are great for families or people that enjoy entertaining guests, as there are separate areas of the pool for multiple activities. 

Kidney Shape

The retro kidney shape is reminiscent of decades past and provides a natural-looking alternative to the L-shape. Similar to L-shaped pools, the kidney shape allows people to participate in different activities in separate areas of the pool, although laps are not as easy to swim here. Kidney shapes look great with a Jacuzzi wedged into the bend, or a pool bar alongside the shallow end. Landscape opportunities open up with this casually shaped pool, as well. Its organic shape blends into natural settings.

Free Form Pools

Free Form Pools are the best shape to play around with. Their rounded edges follow no predisposed pattern, and they allow for all kinds of landscaping and pool features. Free-form pools are great if you’re working with a back yard that has already been developed or you have unconventional constraints. Incorporating interesting landscaping and an array of features, like waterfalls, Jacuzzis, and benches, can make your backyard into a full-fledged tropical lagoon.

Infinity Pools

Overflow perimeter pools are of a more recent design. Their edges, or lack thereof, fit perfectly with rectangular or geometrically shaped pools. Their infinite edge works by funneling water over a wall and into a trough below where it is recycled. Infinity pools are designed to fade off into the distance, which is why you most often see these pools on ocean front property. Infinity pools blend harmoniously into the landscape and are perfect for homes that have beautiful views, like an ocean, river, or lush greenery.

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