The Beauty of Infinity Swimming Pools

If you’ve been to five-star hotel or exotic resort, you’ve might’ve come across an infinity swimming pool at some point.  These pools are extraordinary in design, and have been commonly referred to as vanishing or disappearing-edge pools.

Why is that?  These infinity pools seem to drop off on one edge of the pool, creating a convincing infinite extending horizon.  This effect is created by one or more walls that stand at water level rather than above it, as with traditional in-ground pools.  These walls will slope downward away from the pool, creating a waterfall effect.  The water that falls off this wall lands into a catch pool, which sits beneath the vanishing edge.  This water is then collected and pumped back into the main pool.  The views are amazing, and almost appear to be impossible according to our understanding of the world.

Amazing Views Truly Showcase The Beauty Of Infinity Pools

The pool’s “vanishing” edge effect can be absolutely breathtaking in areas that have magnificent views, and they can make any pool area more attractive to guests and family members alike.  For an infinity pool to have the best effect, the vanishing edge of the pool has to be positioned so that you cannot see the catch pool from prime viewing spots.  This means that areas that have gentle slopes are the easiest to work with.  An area that is flat or steep might mean that your pool builder might need to do more engineering work, which may not be ideal due to financial restrictions.

Make Sure The Catch Pool Is Correct The First Time

There are two things to be aware of in order to make sure an infinity pool can always look its best.  They both deal with the catch pool.  The first point is making sure it’s deep enough to collect all the spillover water.  On the other hand, the basin cannot be too deep so that the water level is constantly low.  This is something you can discuss with your pool contractor.

The second point deals with the catch pool’s pump and filter.  Both of these objects are different from the pumps and filters found in the main part of the infinity pool, and other in-ground swimming pools.  The catch pool’s pump allows water to keep circulating back into the main pool, and the filter makes sure that the water in the catch pool is free of debris as it travels back into the main pool.  As you can see, the catch pool is in some ways the most part to the infinity pool equation.

Contact A Pool BuilderTo Review Your Infinity Pool Options

An infinity pool is something of beauty, and the pinnacle of architectural design that defies our expectations.  If you want to jazz up your pool area, or compliment a beautiful view in your yard, an infinity pool is something to strongly consider.  Calling a professional pool builder can help you explore your options and possibilities of adding an infinity pool to your home.

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