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The Beauty and Benefits of Infinity Swimming Pools

The Beauty and Benefits of Infinity Swimming Pools

The infinity or zero-edge pool became popular as a pool option in Europe; particularly in France. Today, this pool type continues to gain popularity in America as well. Several benefits, both aesthetic and practical, exist for infinity pools.

Artistic and Eye-Catching

One of the first benefits infinity pool users often cite is beauty. Since these pools appear to have no edge, swimmers’ senses aren’t cluttered with the sight of concrete steps and barriers. Instead, the edge merges with the background. Weirs, glass walls, and other hidden barriers make this possible. In fact, the pool appears to fit seamlessly with the sky. Infinity pools are often used at hotels and resorts and can be built to match any relevant recreation theme. For example, infinity pools in Italy often employ columns or arches, giving the swimmer the illusion of visiting the ancient Roman baths.

Environmentally Friendly

 Infinity pools require high-capacity pumps and water collection troughs. Some owners are leery of these features, fearing wasted water and money. However, the pumps are only active when the pool is in use. This actually saves water in the long run. It also reduces the presence of stagnant water puddles around the pool area. Water collection troughs help save water as well. In fact, if properly filtered, the water can be “recycled” back into the main pool as needed. Therefore, the pool’s overall cost and carbon footprint is decreased.

Safe and Fun for Families

Pool owners, especially those with small children, worry about falling off the edge of an infinity pool. Owners sometimes express added concern over the ability to cover their pool. Some websites even call these pools dangerous. In reality, infinity pools are safe if built correctly. Most infinity pool contractors are trained in “water-shaping.” That is, they are required to demonstrate expert knowledge of collection troughs, water levels, and pH levels before and during the building process.

Railings, stairs, and ramps can also be added to infinity pools, ensuring that children, the elderly, and those with disabilities swim safely. Finally, infinity pools encourage greater safety measures than simple pool covers. For example, alarms and approved barriers are required features of infinity pool models.


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