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The Basics Of New Pool Construction

The Basics Of New Pool Construction

Making the decision to invest in a new pool for your home is one you aren’t likely to regret. After all, the increased property values and the jump in your own ability to relax and enjoy your life at home make it a wise investment.

However, for many, the process of actually installing the pool is something that can be surprising. It takes a lot to create a perfect pool for your home, and as such it’s important that you take the time to prepare yourself mentally for the process. Let’s take a look at the basics of new pool construction.

The Basics To Understand
There are really only a few key steps you really need to understand. Once you know what is coming, it’s easier to relax as your pool is created by your pool company. With that in mind, here are the main steps that will happen.

  • Design – You and your pool design expert will go over your goals and your ideas. They’ll take measurements at your home and then use all of this information to create a pool design that fits your needs.
  • Excavation And Preparation – Next, the hole for your pool is dug using heavy equipment. Excess soil is removed from the property, and all plumping or construction elements are placed within the excavated area.
  • Pour – The concrete is poured into the hole and formed according to the design of the pool. This is a step that takes skill in order to do properly and ensure the best results.
  • Finishing – Pools are finished with a variety of surfaces, and different finishes create different appearances as well as textures felt by those using the pools.
  • Startup – All equipment will be turned on and started, under the guidance of your design experts.

That’s the process of building a new pool in the broadest strokes possible. There are plenty of smaller steps between this, including permits, electrical wiring, and more. But at its most basic, the five steps above will be the keys to giving your home the pool that you’re dreaming of. It’s a simple enough process to turn your dreams into a reality, and you’ll have your pool before you know it.

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