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The 3 Best Types of Swimming Pool Lighting

The 3 Best Types of Swimming Pool Lighting

When most people think of pools, they think of swimming during sunny daytime hours. Even if you don’t use your pool after dark, you need to install adequate lighting for safety. Additionally, the right lighting can make your pool more fun and memorable, adding different ambiences to the atmosphere depending on the type of get-together you’re hosting. Consider the prevalent options below to help you determine which ones are best for your pool.

LED Swimming Pool Lighting

LED lighting is the most popular type for pools because LED lights can be used for in-ground or above-ground pools and are energy efficient. They come in various colors, and since they’re so bright, you might only need a few bulbs for adequate lighting. You can buy LED lights with a warranty of 7-15 years at most supply stores, and they’re generally cheaper than other lighting options. However, changing an LED bulb can take 30 minutes or more, depending on the housing. Be mindful of this if you’re hosting a long get-together or plan to hold several pool parties during the season.

Halogen Swimming Pool Lighting

Halogen lights can be installed in-ground or above ground just like their LED counterparts. They’re useful if you want to light up the entire pool for several hours, and changing halogen bulbs is easier than changing LED lights. However, color options are limited; you may have to stick with yellow or blue bulbs. This limits your ability to create differences in ambiance. Additionally, halogen lights use more energy than LED and similar options.

Fiber Optic Swimming Pool Lighting

Fiber optic lighting is the most versatile lighting option available. Many pool owners install fiber optic lighting underwater to simulate changing colors. In addition, fiber optics lend artistic and romantic effects to fountains, waterfalls, and grottos within your pool. You can store fiber optic bulbs within the pool area and change them as needed, quickly and efficiently.

Be aware, though, that fiber optics may not last longer than seven years. They’re not as energy efficient as LED lights; in fact, you might be tempted to keep them on longer than you should because their colors are so aesthetically pleasing. If you do so, you can quickly burn out the bulbs. Finally, if you install these bulbs underwater, be vigilant about electrical problems. Keep pool lights off during stormy weather and never let anyone in the pool during questionable weather conditions.

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