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The 3 Benefits Of Fall or Winter Pool Installations

A fall or winter pool installation is not practical for everyone. Winter, in particular, may be too cold and too snowy to allow for any construction work, especially if it’s too cold for concrete to dry and set correctly. However, if you’re fortunate enough to live in a state where the temperature doesn’t often drop past freezing, fall and winter may be the a good time to install a new pool.

1. Avoid The Congestion

Nobody wants to drive during rush hour, nobody wants to wait in line for half an hour during the lunch rush, and nobody wants to wait weeks or even months for a contractor’s schedule to open up. By scheduling your installation between September and March, you avoid the delays and the potential rush fees associated with getting a pool during the height of swimming season. Not only that, but you also guarantee that your pool will be ready the moment the temperature rises, giving you the advantages of having a pool for the entire year rather than just one part of it.

2. Cut Down Your Costs

Because fall and winter are the slow seasons for pool contractors, a lot of them will work out a deal on the installation if you schedule it for a cold month. This is good for everyone since it means keeping revenues up for the contractor and potentially getting a discount on this investment for you.

Taxes add another advantage to financing your pool towards the end of the year. In many states, a new pool is a tax write-off, which means you save some money.

3. Start Landscaping Early

Unfortunately, with all the heavy machinery and industrial vehicles it takes to install a pool, your lawn is going to take a beating, and that means you’ll need to replace or replant it once the installation is complete. However, the best time to plant new grass is in fall, when it doesn’t have to compete against weeds, and that means that grass planted after a fall installation should look fully recovered by the time the temperature goes up and you’re ready to entertain guests. The only way to pull off a speedy recovery after a spring or summer installation is with sod, a much more expensive alternative to seeds.

In addition, both landscaping and pool installing are hot, tiring jobs. When it comes to how you’ll feel after a long day of working out in the sun, the cool months have a definite advantage over the height of summer.

Much like out-of-season clothing, fall or winter pool installation provides some great deals to those who are willing to be a little patient. Not only will you save money and time, but your lawn and your contractor will thank you for your prudence.

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