If I could give Olympus Pools 10 stars, they would have earned every single one of them. If you are looking for a company to build you a pool then you can simply stop reading now and pick up the phone because Olympus Pools is the premiere pool builder in Tampa. If you want to know why, then I can, and will, tell you in great detail because they just finished a masterpiece in our backyard and they did the whole thing in just 1 month! I called at least a half dozen companies to bid on our pool project and James, the owner of Olympus, was the first to respond and the first to personally meet with me. From the moment that I met James I knew that I wanted to work with him. Not only did he know every aspect of pool building, but he was extremely professional, easy going and seemed to know exactly what we were looking to accomplish. Together we developed and refined the design of the pool and all the time James was very open to my ideas but also very helpful in making crucial recommendations that ultimately added to the success of the project. The technology that James used to visualize the pool was better than any I had seen and made it easy to see what the final product would look like which made choosing the materials and making final decisions so much easier. Everything that goes into their pools is top shelf, from the decking to all Hayward components. Most importantly, James worked within our budget by making some simple adjustments to the design and equipment configurations as we went thru the design phase. Honestly, I had a few bids slightly lower, but I knew that I was going to be working with the best and it was worth every cent. Then I met Brian, the Construction Supervisor. With over 2 decades of pool building experience, this guy knows how to get things done and how to get it done right. Brian was always on site for the critical phases of construction and always seemed to show up when I had a concern about something. He always explained everything that was being done and educated me on the workings and operation of the pool. Even though we were in no hurry, he made me a bet that he could build our pool in a month, and I lost. This does not infer that they rushed the job. Just the contrary. They simply took great care in making sure that everything was built to perfection which meant that they never failed an inspection. Every individual crew was polite, helpful and tried their best to keep the mess and damage to our property to a minimum. Ashley, the Project Manager, was always in touch from the main office and would send me weekly updates telling me what was going to happen next. Our pool is AMAZING and we are so happy that we made the decision to go with Olympus. I think most people go into the process of building a pool a bit guarded in fear that it is going to be a horrible experience, but Olympus Pools makes it fun! This is a great team of professionals who honestly love what they do. The quality of the product and the amazing service is unmatched. They don’t just build pools at Olympus, they create works of art. Call them now.

Dave Hoversten

Our journey with Olympus Pools began after meeting with more then 6 other pool builders in the Tampa and Sarasota areas. The reason we chose Olympus Pools is, they were knowledgeable, professional, had competitive pricing, and they actually listened to our vision. In addition, we liked their website, mission statement, and other pools they had completed in our area. We met with Mike Cook, a salesman for Olympus Pools, at our house to discuss our ideals and vision. Mike listened, took measurements of our yard, copious notes, and scheduled another meeting with us a week later at their office in Tampa. This meeting was nothing short of impressive. They had put our ideas together in a 3D presentation that visually showed us how the pool, spa and deck would look in our backyard. We appreciated how Mike and the owner James Staten collaborated with us as true professionals to finalize the details, materials and total cost of the project. From this point on it took approximately 2 weeks for the permits to get approved and the construction phase to begin. The layout, excavation, plumbing, steel, and gunite installation were all completed within 2 weeks and the grading, coping/tile installation, perimeter plumbing, forming/bonding of footers, delivery/installation of materials/pool equipment, electrical work, travertine layout, screen installation, application of interior, pool fill, and final cleaning of our yard were completed in 6 weeks. Although we weren’t in any rush, Olympus Pool’s exceeded our expectations by completing our backyard oasis within 8 weeks. We would like to note that all phases in the construction process were organized and scheduled by Ashley and Melissa, monitored/supervised by James, the owner, Brian, the construction manager, and other Olympians like Cody and Chris, and completed by subcontractors that were friendly and communicative. The Olympians worked and communicated with us as a team and stopped by on a regular basis to inspect and make sure all phases of construction were completed up to standard and in a timely manner. We received regular emails about what was to be completed during the upcoming week and notified of any potential issues or delays. Additionally, we had contact via phone and text in case we had questions or concerns in the interim which they promptly answered in most cases that very same day. One important thing that we learned as homeowner’s having a pool built for the first time was that this is truly a construction project. There is much more involved in building a pool then we realized and as such we prepared and accepted that our yard would be in disarray during the entire process. We had to be patient and go through this process in order to get to the end result which turned out amazing and all that we had envisioned! Thanks to all the Olympians at Olympus Pools for making the experience worry free and bringing our visions to reality! Cheers!!

Antonio Chavez

We have a very small and unique space in our back yard to say the least. We had several pool builders draw a design and price a pool for us, but nothing seemed to fit. Olympus was able to take our space constraints and create a fantastic pool design that is now the envy of my neighborhood. There were many “extras” like an upgraded dual speed pool pump, salt chlorine system, and LED lighting included in the Olympus pool, that were additional costs with the competition. Construction went smoothly, with only a few minor issues along the way. We can be very picky people, but the crews at Olympus were patient and polite and were very accommodating and responsive to our requests. Any issue we had was quickly resolved with a phone call. I was impressed when James, the owner of Olympus, called to tell me he realized I hadn’t upgraded to an automated control system for the pool. He gave me the options and advantages of automation, didn’t press the sale, and told me to call him and let him know if I wanted to upgrade. I’m glad I did, it is much easier to control the pool with the remote and it was not an expensive option. Bryan, Chris, Cody, Ashley, Janet and the rest of the Olympus staff and subcontractors were a pleasure to work with, adding small enhancements to the pool during construction when they didn’t need to, just to make it look a little better. I’m glad I chose Olympus as my pool builder and would gladly recommend them. If anyone is considering a pool, they can contact us through Olympus and stop by to see the pool they built for us or talk to me about our experience.

Eric Wingard

I don’t normally write reviews, but wanted to relay our experience with Olympus Pools as we made a excellent decision with hiring this company.  Our decision to have a pool installed took over two years, numerous quotes and discussions with local pool companies.   Installing a pool is not only a major purchase, it is also not done in a weekend and can be very overwhelming.   You need to have the right company if you want to have it done right, completed on time,  receive great communication and have wonderful team of installers, that we met with each stage of the project.  Everyone on each team, were very pleasant and considerate of our needs and our home. James Staten – Olympus Pools was attentive, informative, reliable and most of all honest.  The owner James Staten is someone who you can contact with a question anytime of the day, weekend or at night and he will reply or call back immediately as my husband and I did (maybe a little too often) and he was always very pleasant.  We received a Pool email update every Monday morning, outlying what to expect in the coming week, this we found very helpful. Brian, the Construction Manager is extremely knowledgeable and helped us every step of the way.  We enjoyed our conversations with Brian, as he kept us aware of the details. Every detail that we asked for in our first pool meeting was completed and it looks awesome – we are so happy we went with Olympus Pools.

Darren Mason
Mapleridge Drive Lutz, FL 33558

First, let me preface this entry by saying that before we chose to go with Olympus Pools to build our dream pool, we had already interviewed about 10 different companies and I (Laura-wife) was at my wits end!!  I told my husband that I was done and did not even want to look at another contractor.

Then walked in David Mills, a sales rep from Olympus Pools.  David was a pleasure to work with.  He was kind, prompt, and true to his word on what he was going to do.  He kept us in the loop all the way through until it was handed off to Brian Messler, Olympus Pools Construction Manager.

Brian, too, was kind, prompt, and true to his word and was a pleasure to work with.  They say, “a pool company is only as good as their sub-contractors are” and this company picked some of the best sub-contractors in the pool industry.  All of their contractors (except one – screen enclosure contractor) was impeccable.  They built us a pool as if the pool was in THEIR OWN backyard.  We were absolutely AMAZED!!!

Our pool was built incredibly fast – less than 1 month.  Once permits were pulled, Olympus started the dig on September 5 (2013) and on October 3rd, we were swimming!  You count the days…less than one month!  Now, we did have a small setback with a few days of rain, but even with that, we were swimming before the leaves started to fall here in Tampa, Florida.

Prior to signing contracts, we contacted 10+ Olympus customers because we were a bit leery of going with a pool company so new.  Everyone said the same thing…they would recommend.  I would recommend Olympus Pools to my best friend.  Well, in fact, I did!  And now she and her husband are currently in the latter stages of their new pool development.

**Side note**  The owner of the company, James Staten, was a pleasure to work with as well and was ALWAYS very professional, courteous, and agreeable!


The pool installation was done professionally and we have been complimented on the construction and design.

Debbie Boyer

Olympus was amazing to work with from the beginning to the end…..each step of the process was was smooth and fluid. From sales to design and onto the construction……we were extremely happy with each and every step. I would recommend James and his crew to anyone thinking about new construction or a pool re-do

Paige Kerzner
San Luis Dr Tampa, FL 33611

Went well – couple weather delays – but they got right on it afterwards.

Larry McDonald
8th Ave ZEPHYRHILLS, FL 33542

They designed a great pool and completed it weeks ahead of schedule. Brian the construction manager kept us up to speed along the whole process. Grade: A+++

Mark Lorenzo
Haven Blvd TAMPA, FL 33613

We considered many pool builders before we selected James Staten, President of Olympus Pools. Now that our pool is complete I can honestly say I could not be more thrilled with our selection! Many of our neighbors were building pools with other contractors at the same time as ours. Not only was ours completed WEEKS before our neighbors, but our pool looks absolutely spectacular. From our research prior to building, we realized from the beginning that the construction of a pool was a man made project and not everything was going to go exactly to plan. Our main reason for selecting Olympus Pools was that we trusted James immediately. We believed he was honest, he really cared about our overall happiness with the project and that he would correct anything that didn’t go to plan quickly–which is exactly what he did. Anytime we needed anything, he would personally answer our calls and have someone over to help us immediately. He knew we had family coming in over the holidays and he went above and beyond to ensure the pool was ready for our company to enjoy. As far as the design of the pool itself, my husband had a vision of what he wanted the pool to look like. Other contractors we interviewed tried to talk us out of this vision and into a simpler pool. They had templates of standard pools to select from that were very basic and far from the design we desired. We were told that what we wanted was a custom pool and it wouldn’t come close to fitting into our budget. When James came for our introductory meeting, it was exactly the opposite. He listened to the details of our dream pool and made it a reality…and most importantly he did it while staying in our budget. And we didn’t have to sacrifice the quality to stay within our budget either. We have the top of the line materials, travertine pavers, LED lighting, remote control, heater, pool and spa. We can’t thank Olympus Pools enough for making our outdoor oasis come to life!!

Jennifer Jarvis
Tampa, FL

We are very happy with our pool, Olympus Pools did an outstanding job. From beginning to end all was done in a professional way, very good quality work. I would definately recomend Olympus Pools to anyone who wants a quality pool installed. Thank you Olympus Pools. Don and Andrea

Don Owen
St. Petersburg, FL

Olympus Pools,did an outstanding job. Our neighbors rave about how swiftly the job was done and organized. We admire the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that was put into the design and execution of the making of our custom pool. Olympus has achieved our goals and went beyond expectations. There open lines of communication gave us a comfort because they kept us informed during each step of the building process. Congratulations to Brian, the onsite supervisor in a job well done. Brian has a wonderful ability to get things done—and well done. James’ years of experience in the pool industry, showed up in the drawing and making of our custom design. The trades that worked on our pool were polite and very good. Ray and I feel very fortunate to have chosen what we think is the best pool company. We were impressed with their display at the Home Show and their professionalism. Here’s to continued success and many happy award winning years ahead of you! Congratulations on surpassing our expectations again. We could not be happier.

Carol Kleutgen
Parrish, FL

I want to thank James Staten president of Olympus Pools for your dedication and commitment in the construction of our new pool. James I don’t know how you do it But you set the bar high when it comes to customer service. You’re involved with several pools at the same time yet you still know exactly what stage of construction we are in and what needs to be done next at any time like mine is the only one that matters. I have never seen anyone else delivery this level of service before in my entire life. We looked forward to the Monday Update emails it kept us informed and we knew who to expect and what would be worked next. The craftsmen were knowledgeable, courteous and respectful of our property. They worked tirelessly to complete our pool and they all went the extra step to build something they would be proud to put their name on. Olympus pools exceeded our expectations and we love our new pool and can not thank you enough. George & Natasha Riverview, Florida

George Andrews
Riverview, FL

Simply stated, the Olympus Pools Team is the best in the business! We took our time in evaluating the various pool building companies in the greater Tampa Bay area, but Olympus easily emerged as the clear leader. From the beginning, they focused on our needs and desires and they never attempted to “up-sell” the product. They were conscious of our budget and were sure to design a pool that balanced our bottom line with the features we ultimately wanted. The design phase was quick, but only because we were pushing to get things done as soon as possible. Once the plans were submitted and approved by the city, the construction phase was off and running. All told, the construction was completed in about 30 days. There were two other pools being built on our block at the same time and Olympus blew them both away with their efficiency and quality of work. Our construction started in late July and we were swimming in August! The attentiveness at all levels of the staff is unmatched. In fact, the President of Olympus Pools, James Staten, personally came to our home on several occasions simply to check on the progress of the build. This type of action by the company leadership convinced us that we were not just another sale for the company. That is a rare quality to find these days. I whole-heartedly recommend Olympus Pools for your new pool. They will absolutely deliver just the right product for you and your family. Good luck and enjoy!

Richard Glasgow
Tampa, FL