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Tampa Pool Builders Tips on choosing contractor

Its hard to believe pool season is finally approaching. It seems like just a few months ago we were enjoying all of our activities without worrying about the cold weather. Oh wait, it was just a few months ago! Now is the time many families in Tampa and the surrounding areas are gathering designs from Tampa pool builders. If you and your family are wondering what exactly happens before having a pool installed, allow us to take a moment to share the process, and some helpful tips. First off, we’ll tell you a little secret. There is more than one qualified swimming pool builder in Tampa. There is more than one company that can adequately build a swimming pool. Even though when you speak to most Tampa pool contractors, they may say that they are the only pool builder you can choose or you are doomed to an eternity of misery. This isn’t the case. Yes, there certainly are some builders you should stay away from, but you are smart enough to decide who these companies are on your own. So here is your first tip: Narrow your field of companies to three or four. If you plan on getting 10 estimates, you are putting in more work than necessary. The right Tampa pool builder should be able to educate and inform you to your satisfaction. Of these three or four, you can get a good feeling for the  companies by how they handle your appointment. In other words, did they promptly and efficiently handle your request? Did the designer show up to the meeting as promised? At your meeting, did they seem concerned with your requests and questions? So here is tip number two: You can judge a lot about a company by how they manage your meetings. If it is difficult to get them to show up, follow up, or provide you with information, its usually a bad sign. If they can’t manage your meeting, how are they going to manage your project? Here is tip number three: Don’t accept lazy service. What is lazy service? Lazy service is emailing proposals and drawings instead of meeting in person.  You wouldn’t even buy your produce based on an internet picture, why buy a pool this way? Here is another secret. Builders will tell you they will email you a design package, not do it, wait for you to call, then come up with an excuse about why it wasn’t done. Can you imagine how they will be during construction? Lazy service is not taking the time or energy to design in 3d. I’m sorry if this offends some designers, but technology has come a long way, and clients deserve to see what the pool is going to look like, and clients deserve the building accuracy that comes from this type of design. Lazy service comes from lazy builders. Lazy builders will drive you nuts. Here is another tip: Consider value over price. Think about that. Did you buy the absolute cheapest home or car available? Do you eat off the dollar menu every single night? Probably not. Why? Because you get what you pay for. Most people just want a good value, the most bang for your buck. Thats what we try to provide. Final tip: Enjoy the process. You are going to have a pool built. That is great. Sit back, remember why you hired whoever you hired, and plan your first pool party. (But don’t schedule it in the middle of construction). Thanks for stopping by, have a perfect day, and I hope we helped.

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