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Tampa Pool Contractors – Tips for selecting colors

After interviewing a few Tampa pool contractors you have made your selection. Congratulations! You will be asked to pick out all of your new colors for your patio, coping, tile and interior finishes usually before pool construction begins. Here are some helpful tips to help you make all the right decisions.

  1. Start with the patio.  Other than the pool itself, this is what you will see the most of. Choose neutral colors so that they match the color of your home and any future new swimming pool related furniture. Most Tampa pool contractors will carry blended colors pavers for a clean and elegant look, and neutral colors if you are doing a concrete deck.
  2. Do the coping next. The coping is the bullnosed brick edging that goes around the pool. Quality Tampa pool contractors will include this as a standard item. Coping helps the pool to last longer, and it looks great. If you did a paver deck with blended colors, a solid color coping creates a great visual outline of the pool.
  3. Select your tile– Here is where a many mistakes can be made. Remember that the pool itself should be the most eye-catching feature. One of the features of Olympus Pools is our designers will be sure to help you from making any mistakes. Just like you want to be proud of your new swimming pool, we want to be proud to show it off too. Stick with neutral colors that allow the pool to “pop” and don’t detract visually from the water. You can however, spice things up by inserting some decorative tile inserts. Ask your Olympus Pools designer for guidance based on the colors you are looking at.
  4. The interior- This is an easy one. We recommend any variations of the traditional bright blues. Teals, and greens, can make a pool appear as if the chemistry is unbalanced, even if it is sparkling clear.

At Olympus Pools, Inc we have hundreds and colors and thousands of possible combinations to use on your new project. It may seem overwhelming, but we will guide you through the selection and make it easy and fun. Give us a call today 813.983.7854 and one of our designers will help you create the perfect new pool for your home and family. Olympus Pools, Inc is your top choice among Tampa pool contractors if you are looking for premium quality, innovative designs, and exceptional service

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