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Tampa Pool Builders share great pool story

One of the greatest pool building stories hails from Key West, Florida. As you may know, the great American author Ernest Hemingway spent many of his glory years roaming the streets of Historic Key West. Stories of his local adventures could fill volumes. However, we want to share one lesser-known story related to swimming pool construction.

Ernest Hemingway had always wanted a pool. He had even drafted plans and ideas for the pool during his travels abroad. Upon returning home from one of his voyages, he placed his current wife Pauline in charge of supervising the construction, before leaving for another trip. The pool construction took a little over a year and started in 1937. It was the only swimming pool within 100 miles, and by the end of construction, cost $20,000. An enormous sum for that time period.

The biggest contributor to the cost was the fact the pool had to be excavated through natural cap rock. It took crews months and months to break through the natural stone that began just under the earth’s surface, before the framework could even begin. It was a big pool too. 24 x 60, with a 10 ft. deep end.

Upon the old man’s return, and subsequent notification of the costs of the project, Hemingway kicked a fit. Horrified to hear of what the costs had come to, Hemingway took a penny from his pocket and threw it on the ground and while stepping on the still wet concrete patio, told his wife, “If your going to spend my very last dollar, you might as well take my last penny!” It didn’t turn out to be Hemingway’s last dollar or penny, and the pool remains today as one of hundreds of iconic pieces of Old Key West history and folklore.

Fortunately, Tampa pool builders don’t run into subterranean stone, and you don’t have to spend your last penny on the construction either. Check out some of these great pics of Ernest Hemingway’s pool and backyard, and to create your own piece of backyard history, Call Us Today!

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