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Tampa Pool Builders share current permitting times

Your Tampa Pool Builders: Olympus Pools had the pleasure of applying for new pool construction permits to three different building departments today. We thought this would be a great opportunity to share the current permit review times for new pool construction and pool builders in Tampa, Land o Lakes, and Bradenton.  Now depending on where you live, you may be in either your city or county building departments. For all of Manatee County, pool builders and new pool clients can expect 15-20 business days for plan review. This means 3-4 weeks for the permit to be issued, from the time it is applied for. Hillsborough County building department is estimating two to three weeks for new pool construction and Pasco County quoted 3-4 weeks. Lakeland and Polk County pool builders enjoy 1-2 week permitting periods. Many clients of Tampa pool builders would be permitted through the city of Tampa, and those permits are running two weeks on average. Also, one should consider if their neighborhood has an HOA. If so, do they meet monthly? How soon before the meeting must the application be submitted? At Olympus Pools, we provide our new pool clients with all of the necessary paperwork to attach to the application to their HOA. Of course, we handle all of the permitting.  If you are considering building a new pool in Tampa, Lakeland, Bradenton, St.Pete, or anywhere in Pasco county remember that from the day you say “go” there may be up to a month or more before work can begin. Olympus Pools, the Tampa pool builders that care, we will begin as soon as the permit is ready. Also, keep in mind, many small details can be arranged while the project is in permitting, and the sooner you start building your pool, the sooner it will be finished.

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