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Tampa pool builders – New pool design tips

At Olympus Pools Inc, we consider ourselves to be the Tampa pool builders that approach each new pool design with a sense of creativity. It is very easy when designing your pool to add a bunch of features to make your new pool standout. The key is, can you add special features without breaking the bank? YES! You would be surprised how affordable some features can be, and your neighbor next door probably doesn’t have them. Many Tampa pool builders don’t suggest such features because they can be out of the ordinary for their construction staff. Or perhaps they don’t like to think outside the box. Who knows. By now you are probably asking, “What would some of these features be?” Okay here is one: If you are doing a raised wall with a waterfall, which is very common, consider facing that wall with a stacked stone or ledgerstone. This will add elegance and character to your waterfall area. The point of the waterfall is to create a nice visual right? Consider this, if you are adding building an outdoor kitchen after the completion of your new pool construction, the stone can be used to face the kitchen. This will tie your different looks in together. Here is another one. Try making your raised walls a little taller, then adding flagstone. A flagstone veneer looks incredibly natural, unique, and stunning. Our design team is educated in hardscapes and design, so at Olympus Pools, we are able to find affordable ways to add a little pizzazz to your new pool construction. There are several other ideas we can incorporate into the building of your new pool. To see how we can add something special to your new pool design, give us a call today!

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