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Tampa Pool Builders – Design Advice

As Tampa pool builders we are often invited into our client’s homes to discuss their ideas for a new swimming pool. Many times our clients have an idea of all the features they want but aren’t sure how to put it all together. That’s what separates Olympus Pools from most other Tampa pool builders. The key is to focus on the entire space, not just the pool itself, balancing function with appearance. In my years of building pools, I’ve never had a client say when it was all said and done, “I wish I made my patio a little smaller”. The fact is, you and your family will spend as much time around the swimming pool, as you will in it. If in the future you want an area for a firepit, outdoor kitchen or bar, remember to leave spaces for those areas on the pool deck. One of the biggest misconceptions people have is they need a pool for lots of lap swimming. In reality, when we get in a pool we most relax, float, and unwind. If having the ability to do lots of athletic training is supremely important, consider installing a swimjet system. It will actually cost you less than building a massive swimming pool, and leave you lots of space for entertaining on the patio. Have your design done in 3d. Really most builders offer this service nowadays, and it gives you a great picture of what it will look like when its complete. I can’t tell you how many times a client has had new ideas and thoughts after viewing their design in 3d, that they never would have had considered on a flat drawing. A few salesman still use pencil and paper, but we have heard “it looked good on paper”. This is an investment, you should get to see what it will really look like. Finally, get a custom design. Your home, family, and life is unique. It doesn’t cost one penny more to have something custom done, so get a design tailored specifically for you. Olympus Pools doesn’t use template pools, and there is no menu of pools for you to order off of. We build every pool completely custom, every time.

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