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Tampa pool builders- steps of construction

As Tampa pool builders, we know there is no better feeling than to plunge into your new swimming pool. Tampa pool builders have made having your own backyard pool an easy and pleasant decision. Qualified swimming pool builders take the headache out of swimming pool construction, as they create the ultimate oasis of relaxation for your family.

A decision has been made and your family is ecstatic!! What next? Tampa Swimming pool construction involves a lot of important decisions, especially those who will build your new swimming pool.

Tampa Swimming Pool construction involves many steps and procedures:

Permitting- We are able to handle all of the paperwork for your municipality, making this phase worry-free.

Excavation- The first official day of building! Your new pool begins to take shape in this phase of construction. Heavy equipment, crews of workers, how exciting!

Formwork – Our crews will utilize steel and lumber to create the frame work for your new pool.

Foundation- After a series of inspections, the foundational concrete is applied.

Coping and Tile- The tile you selected is expertly placed around the pool. This is where the pool seems to come alive and feel more like a swimming pool and less like a construction area.

Plumbing – Our trained plumbers use the highest levels of craftsmanship to create your pool’s circulation system.

Decking- After another series of inspections, we are able to apply the decking. Whether it is concrete, pavers, or travertine marble, this goes down before your screen or fence goes up.

Equipment and Electrical-  At this point all of your pumps, filters, salt systems, heaters etc are installed.

Interior Finish- Your interior is hand applied to create the smooth colorful finish.


Tampa Swimming Pool Contractors

The choice of the swimming pool contractor is a crucial one. It could mean the difference between a well-designed and constructed backyard resort or a list of regrets.

Tampa Swimming Pool Builders

Local families have dozens of Tampa pool builders to choose from. Each one claims to be the best, so see who you feel comfortable with, and who is giving you the most bang for your buck. Our friendly and experienced staff will custom design your project to suit your taste, budget and space.

Please Contact Us Today to learn how we can help your New Tampa Swimming Pool dreams become a reality.

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