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Tampa pool builders- completed pool with video

I love it when a plan comes together. It is amazing to see a thought of a new swimming pool transform into a real construction project, and then a real completed swimming pool. I have attached some photos and a video of our latest completed pool in Tampa to share our joy in this transformation. Here is what our client said about it.

After completing the dig, we move on to the framing and steelwork.

You can see our design to the left incorporates a waterfall, paver deck, sun shelf, and screen enclosure. After permitting and HOA approval, the construction on the new pool can begin. It is very exciting for our clients and us to see the work begin. After the dig was completed we applied for our first series of inspections, and of course, passed them all. What I believe really sets us apart is our caring and concern for the quality AND the timeliness of construction. The next phase of this project is the gunite. This is where we applied the foundation of the pool, and you can really see where it starts to take shape.

Over the next week or two, we will move on to the tile, coping, and grade work. Then the deck is prepared to be installed. Our client here chose a beautiful paver deck to compliment the natural feel of the waterfall.  During the second week of construction, we completed the tile, coping, plumbing, equipment, and deck inspections.  At the beginning of the third week, we poured the screen footer and began working on the pavers.  At the end of week three, the screen was up. At this point, we finished some cleanup, got another round of inspections, and plastered and filled the pool. In essence, this is our schedule for every job. And we are pretty damn good at sticking to it. Don’t forget to

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