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Five Tropical-Themed Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool landscaping ideas

Today’s pools have evolved from boring rectangular holes surrounded by concrete to true backyard oasis’. If you’re looking to install a pool or remodel your existing pool, you can now make it easily blend into your backyard. This involves the use of stones, landscaping, and other natural aspects. Consider these five tropical-themed pool landscaping ideas..

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5 Plants That Are Great for Swimming Pool Landscaping

Welcome nature into your yard by incorporating some pool-friendly plants into your pool and landscape design. These plants are well-suited to swimming pool landscaping because they are “cleaner” than most plants, meaning they won’t drop leaves or seeds into the pool. However, they do turn your pool into an oasis with bursts of color and..

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Sustainable Landscaping Options for the Swimming Pool Area

Sustainable landscaping will bring nature pool-side and add to the beauty and conservation of your outdoor living space. This concept is becoming more popular as a design option, as homeowners look for ways to add an element of environmental conservation to their outdoor living areas. Sustainable landscaping is a practice that is in response to..

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