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Benefits of Off-Season Pool Construction

For most of America, outdoor swimming just isn’t a practical option throughout part of the year.  Even in states as far south as Florida and Texas, some areas get too cold for swimming without some kind of heat source.  Even many heated and insulated pools have to close as late fall turns into winter. However,..

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Why Summer Pool Installations are Usually Best

Many homeowners don’t call on pool builders during summer, figuring construction companies will be booked and it’ll be too late to install the pool for this swimming season. While summer is indeed a busy time for pool contractors, you should not hesitate to have your pool installed during the summer months. We’ve highlighted a few..

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Looking for New Pool Construction? 5 Questions to Ask

The fall and winter seasons are perfect for a new pool construction in the Tampa Bay area  Without proper planning, however, you may be disappointed with the final result. Though speaking with a pool professional will provide detailed answers to your questions, there are important factors to consider before moving forward, and you have to make..

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New pool construction Tampa- The pool lifestyle

This week our construction staff is working with several clients in the Tampa area who are building a new pool, and have owned a pool before. It got me to thinking perhaps the reason some families don’t have a pool, is because they don’t know what they are missing. What a phenomenon. New pool construction..

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