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5 Swimming Pool Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Part of the fun of a swimming pool is that it puts everything you need for a family outing right in your backyard. You can use a pool to teach your kids how to swim, for exercise, for sports training, or just to pass the time, and you can do any of these things individually..

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Swimming Pool Games You’ve Never Heard of

Pools are synonymous with warm weather relaxation, yet many look for fun ways to get more out of their experience. Games are a classic opportunity for children and adults to enjoy their pool. Follow the Leader Swimming Pool games are also a great way to teach swimming skills children need for safety and better exercise…

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Forget marco polo: Try these exciting swimming pool games!

While Marco Polo has been a classic pool game for generations, it’s time to splash into some fresh water games. The next time you throw a pool party for your kids and their friends, feel free to introduce these exciting games! Paper boat race. This pool game is unique because it incorporates arts and crafts..

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