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About Swimming Pool Building Permits

pool building permits

If you are interested in new pool construction for your home it is important to understand the pool building permit process before you begin looking at all the possible swimming pool designs. It is an essential step of the process that can’t be overlooked or ignored. What is a Pool Building Permit? Before you can..

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3 Laws You Need to Know Before Building a Pool

3 Laws You Need to Know Before Building a Pool Building a pool is an exciting project – one your family and friends are sure to enjoy. Before you begin, though, understand certain pool construction laws. Many pool owners make innocent mistakes every year because they aren’t fully aware of these laws. Keep your pool..

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An Overview of Swimming Pool Building Permits

Most Florida homeowners have, or know someone who has, a pool. Since pools are so commonplace in Florida, many homeowners can neglect to obtain swimming pool building permits before beginning their building projects. This can lead to long waits, red tape, and even criminal charges in some cases. To avoid these unfavorable outcomes, we’ve explained the..

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