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Four Hottest Outdoor Kitchen Trends For 2018

outdoor kitchen trends

The concept of your pool area becoming a “staycation resort” or “home away from home” is becoming more and more prominent. Not only is it cheaper and more obtainable than ever before, but the design concepts are endless. If you can envision it, you should be able to work with your pool contractor to build..

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Design Your Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Together

The two biggest changes you can make to your backyard are adding a pool and an outdoor kitchen, and a lot of people choose to make both additions at once.  After all, your backyard is going to be torn up by construction equipment either way, and so you can save both time and money by..

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The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re already planning on making a big change to your backyard by adding a pool, you should probably consider making a few additional changes to improve the look and the value of your property while you’re at it. For instance, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition for anyone planning on hosting more than..

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